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  • Comb honey

    Honey ingredients: honeycomb honey

    Moisture: 17%-20% (baume ≥ 43-41.5)

    Type of nectar: honeycomb honey

    Standard: GB/ t33045-2016

    Physical state: nest block honey

    Packaging material: food grade plastic box

    Packing specification: 250g, 500g (accept mass customized specification)

      Nest honey is the nectar collected by bees, which is matured by bee brewing and sealed with wax cover. Nest honey is not separated from the nest with honey, for consumers to eat directly. Nestings are divided into large nestles, cut nestles and lattice nestles. The bulk of nest honey is produced from thin nest base in shallow step box fruit. Cut a nest honey is a large nest honey cut into several small pieces, and then dry the edge of the nest from the honey. Grid honey is made from specially made square or round squares of a certain size. As a kind of commodity, people often refer to the nest honey mainly refers to lattice nest honey. Because nest honey is maintaining the original appearance and characteristic of honey, have rich nectar aroma, without any additive, additional nest honey is not processed artificially, not easy to adulterate make false and pollution, nutrition value is high, because this is welcomed by consumers.

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