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International export of honey Medicinal auxiliary honey High end food honey OEM bottled honey

Honey varieties: Polyflora honey, Acacia honey, Wolfberry honey, Codonopsis honey,Linden honey, Astragalus honey,Dates/Jujube honey, Rape honey, Longan honey, Clover honey, Litchi honey (You can also contact for other types)

Packaging specifications: 25kg, 50kg, 75kg, 100kg, 290kg, 1.4 tons (Customized packaging accepted)

Packaging material: Food-grade iron and plastics drum that meets export standard 

Corresponds to《Chinese Pharmacopoeia Honey 2015 Edition》

  In recent years, our company has cooperated with many well-known pharmaceutical companies, health food and beverage companies in China to expand medicinal honey field in the domestic market and protect domestic Chinese medicine production. Meanwhile, we have also opened the honey’s application in high-end food sector.


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