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  • Jujube honey

    Honey ingredients: jujube flower honey

    Moisture: 17%-20% (baume ≥ 43-41.5)

    Type of nectar source: single nectar

    Implementation standard: gb14963-2011

    Physical state: liquid honey, crystalline solid honey

    Packing material: food grade plastic drum, meet export standard iron drum

    Packing specification: 1.8kg, 25kg, 50kg, 75kg, 100kg, 290kg, 1.4t (batch customized specification is accepted)

      Jujube honey color for amber, dark, due to different varieties, honey transparent or slightly turbid, shiny. It has a strong and fragrant smell with a special strong smell (jujube fragrance). The taste is sweet, sweet degree is big, feel slightly hot throat, aftertaste is heavy. Thick texture is not easy to crystallize, crystallization after the coarse granular state.

      Jujube is a deciduous tree or shrub of the family rhamnoides, originating in China. There are 100 species in the world and 13 species in China. Jujube tree nectary located in the stamen and seed room on the disc, disc developed, specialized for hypertrophic nectary tissue. The flowers of jujube trees are either diurnal or nocturnal, with the former flowering from 10 to 14 hours and the latter from 22 to 3 or 5 hours. The amount of honey secreted by jujube flower is positively correlated with the number of the jujube hanging on the stem and the number of the leaves on the jujube hanging. General jujube has jujube on the hook 3 above, 1 jujube is hanged have leaf 7 above, flower much honey abundant. Jujube flower secrete honey is rich, flower honey accumulates on flower dish become drop, glittering and translucent like bead, honey is much pink is little.

      Jujube trees are mainly distributed in north China and northwest China. Shandong, hebei and henan provinces account for more than 50% of the total area of jujube trees in China, followed by shaanxi, shanxi, jiangsu, zhejiang, gansu, ningxia, Beijing and other provinces, districts and cities.

      The flowering period of jujube varies with varieties, propagation methods and distribution. Jujube flowers the earliest, followed by large jujube, long jujube the latest, the difference between varieties of about 7 days. Grafting propagation flowering early, germination flowering late. Flowering starts in mid-may in the southern part of north China, and in early June in the northern part, with a flowering period of 25-30 days.

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