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  • Bee pollen

    Ingredient: bee pollen

    Quality grade: first class/second class

    Standard: GB/ t30359-2013

    Physical state: granular

    Packaging material: food grade plastic bottle

    Packing specification: 100g, 250g, 500g (accept mass customized specification)

      Bee pollen refers to the flower pollen brought by bees when they collect honey, which is formed after storage and fermentation in the beehive. Bee pollen is the male reproductive cells in the stamens of flowering plants. It not only carries the genetic information of life, but also contains all the necessary nutrients for breeding new life. It is the root of plant reproduction and the source of heat energy.

      When bees collect nectar, they carry their feet to collect pollen, which forms a flower ball. Once inside the hive, the flower ball is stored.

      Bee pollen comes from nature. It is the pollen grains collected by bees from the flower stamens of flowering plants (nectar and pollen) and mixed with special glandular secretions (nectar and saliva) to form an irregular oblate shape.

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