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  • Acacia honey

    Ingredient: Acacia honey

    Moisture: 17%-20% (baume ≥ 43-41.5)

    Type of nectar source: single nectar

    Implementation standard: gb14963-2011

    Physical state: liquid honey, crystalline solid honey

    Packing material: food grade plastic drum, meet export standard iron drum

    Packing specification: 1.8kg, 25kg, 50kg, 75kg, 100kg, 290kg, 1.4t (batch customized specification is accepted)

      Acacia honey, also known as acacia honey or acacia nectar, water white or slightly yellow, honey clear and transparent, fragrance, like acacia fragrance, taste fresh and clean, its cool, sweet and not greasy, not easy to crystallize or not crystallized, if the crystal is fine or greasy, than other single nectar of transparency. In the liquid state, there is often light foam on the honey surface.

      Acacia, also known as robinia pseudoacacia, for the butterfly flower family deciduous trees. Locust nectary glands are located at the base of the ovary, the corolla is deeper, the petals are harder, the bees can not reach the nectar until the flowers are full, the petals become soft, and the bees can collect a lot of honey. Robinia pseudoacacia is rich in secreting honey, with little pollen, short period of secreting honey and unstable yield.

      Locust is mainly distributed in shandong, henan and hebei, followed by shaanxi, liaoning, jiangsu, anhui, shanxi, gansu, Beijing and tianjin.

      The initial flowering period of robinia pseudoacacia is in late April to the south of the Yangtze river and from early may to mid-may to the north of the Yangtze river.

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