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  Mr. Ye, the founder of the company, set up a beekeeping production team with a group of townsmen from Wenzhou,Zhejiang and began to specialize in beekeeping throughout the country. The products have been sold to all levels of supply and marketing cooperatives and state-owned foreign trade companies.


  Mr. Ye has not only established his own regional beekeeping base and marketing channels but also built the first beekeeping base in Southwest and Northwest China and standardized and scaled up the beekeeping industry.


  Mr. Ye established the first honey processing factory in Northwest China, which built the foundation of the industrial development model consisting of beekeeping, processing and marketing.


  Mr. Ye established several honey factories in China successively. The products were sold to domestic pharmaceutical companies and international trade companies. At the same time, the products were successfully exported to the markets of many developed countries such as EU and Japan despite the international trade barriers.


  In Wuhu, Anhui, Mr. Ye has invested RMB 100 million to establish a core production base in line with international production management and quality control requirements with the former company’s name: “Wuhu Songrun Food Co.,Ltd”.


  “Wuhu Songrun Food Co., Ltd” formally changed its name to “Anhui Mizhiyuan Food Group Co., Ltd” and integrated itself and the subsidiaries to officially become a group enterprise. Our enterprise has established markets based in the EU, Southeast Asia, and other overseas countries. With a firm foothold in the global market, our company has become a strategic partner of many well-known companies around the world.

  The trade volume of honey exceeded 10,000 tons while beekeeping bases spread to more than 20 regions cross 15 provinces in China. The company has more than 1,500 bee farms and brings along more than 5,000 beekeepers.


  The organic beekeeping bases were established in Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Hebei and Shandong province. This helps the enterprise to gain the EU organic certificate and the organic bee products were promoted to the interna-tional market. The mature honey production was firstly introduced and manufactured at the beekeeping farms in Northwest China. This resulted in the growth of sales of high-ended bee products and was highly praised by the domestic and foreign customers.


  The company further expanded the domestic market by entering the field of manufacturing and supplying medicinal honey to the pharmaceutical companies, such as Tong Ren Tang and Yao Du group. At the same time, our enterprise started the cooperation with the high-ended food and beverage industries. Meanwhile, our e-commerce company was set up to engage online sales, brand construction, and cross-border e-commerce business.

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