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  • Royal jelly

    Ingredients: fresh royal jelly

    Quality grade: qualified/excellent

    Standard: GB 9697-2008

    Physical state: pulpy, tubby

    Packaging material: food grade plastic bottle

    Packing specification: 250g, 500g, 1kg (batch customized specification is accepted)

      Royal jelly, also known as royal jelly, queen's milk, queen's milk, and queen's milk, is the secretion of the pharyngeal gland of young worker bees cultivating larvae in bee nests. It is the food for the larvae that will become queen bee and also the food for queen bee's life. Royal jelly is a substance secreted by worker bees and used to feed bee larvae. If the larvae are not selected as future queen bees, supply is limited and the larvae "break off" early, eventually becoming workers. For the heir to the throne, this material is in abundant supply and will last a lifetime. The name "royal jelly" comes from this. The queen bee that eats royal jelly for a long time has a short mature period, a long life span and a strong reproductive ability.

      Generally, royal jelly produced before the middle of may is classified as spring jelly, and royal jelly produced after the middle of may is classified as summer and autumn jelly. Yellow spring jelly is the best quality royal jelly in a year, especially the royal jelly produced for the first time has the best quality and high acid content. Autumn pulp color is slightly deeper, the water content is slightly lower than spring pulp, but the quality is slightly less than spring pulp.

      Royal jelly is producing fresh royal jelly by low temperature drying, and production technology mainly includes the filtering, freezing, drying, and packing and so on, the filter is to point to add sterile distilled water after filtering impurities, frozen refers to rapidly under cryogenic freezing into solid form, including sublimation drying and vacuum drying process, and at the end of the packing is crushed into fine and packing seal packing.

    Royal jelly
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