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  • Astragalus honey

    Ingredient: Astragalus honey

    Moisture: 17%-20% (baume ≥ 43-41.5)

    Type of nectar source: single nectar

    Implementation standard: gb14963-2011

    Physical state: liquid honey, crystalline solid honey

    Packing material: food grade plastic drum, meet export standard iron drum

    Packing specification: 1.8kg, 25kg, 50kg, 75kg, 100kg, 290kg, 1.4t (batch customized specification is accepted)

      Astragalus honey color for light amber, sweet not greasy, smell fragrance, easy to crystallize, crystal particles large, natural slightly sour taste, slightly talk about grass taste.

      Astragalus is a leguminous astragalus plant. Herbs perennial, 50-100 cm tall. Taproots hypertrophic, woody, often branched, grayish white. Stem erect, upper much branched, arrowed, white pilose. Pinnately compound leaves with 13-27 leaflets, 5-10 cm long. Racemes slightly dense, with 10-20 flowers; Pedicels subequal or longer than leaves, significantly elongated to fruiting stage. Pod membranous, slightly distended, semielliptic, fruit neck beyond calyx; Seeds 3-8. Flowering from June to August, fruiting from July to September.

      Astragalus is mainly distributed in northeast China, north China and northwest China. Grows in forest margins, thickets or undergrowth, also found in hillside grasslands or meadows.

      Astragalus flower in June to August. Astragalus flower period as long as 60 days or so.

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