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Bee base Base management


  Beekeeping Base Management

  The company uses "five unified guidance" to manage the bases, namely “unified bee breeding, unified farming techniques, unified fodder feeding, unified product sales, unified pest control”, which guarantees that all honey products are in standardized production and greatly reduces the company's raw material costs.

  To control the residues of veterinary drugs, we refer to the《Bee medicine usage standard》to popularize the knowledge of drugs such as banned drugs. Meanwhile, our company has summarized an effective management method from beekeeping practices and advocated the usage of physical methods to prevent bee diseases, which greatly reduces residues of agricultural and veterinary drugs. At the same time, we pay great attention to the implementation of various beekeeping systems, conduct regular checks on hygiene, bee disease treatment and beekeeping records.


  Decades of construction of bee farms, improvement of breeding technology and selection of honey source sites have created the features of raw materials produced in the base "safe, pure and high quality", and formed a unique natural and green style. We successfully developed our own characteristics in terms of base construction. As beekeeping bases, Middle and Western China lines have covered Acacia, Jujube, Mountain, Fennel and Sunflower honey while Middle East lines have covered Vitex, Linden and Mountain honey. We have also produced many special types such as Lychee, Wolfberry, Astragalus, Codonopsis, Leonurus, etc.

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